Walter Anton Lee is an organizational leader, pedagogical theorist, teacher educator, and educational researcher. Walter's expertise positions him to address topics including self-concept enhancement, culturally relevant instruction, relationship building, instructional planning, teacher expectations, classroom/organization climate, self-awareness, business development, and leadership. Respected for merging controversial topics of teaching, systemic oppression, diversity, community-wide issues, and courage, Walter Lee charges every individual with a perspective that fosters change for all but specifically the underserved. 


Walter Lee uniquely approaches every opportunity with speaking acumen; he is a gifted teacher and facilitator and understands the anatomy of connecting with diverse audiences. Through his energy-filled delivery, individuals can recognize areas of personal and organizational change. The outcomes of that recognition can provoke self-definition, increase self-efficacy, and influence sound leadership. His messages provoke self-reflection and the determination to drive towards and goal achievement. Using personal failures and successes, he is known to leave an imprint on the hearts and minds of audience members. 


Additionally, his ground-breaking research on self-concept development for African American students addresses educational practices that position students for personal success.  Through an in-depth exploration of the literature, Walter Lee challenges educators to re-evaluate learning outcomes and their commitment to the development of the whole child.  


Walter Lee has been invited to speak at the following types of events and groups:

  • Events that seek to empower personal and organizational change

  • Conferences focused on teaching and learning

  • Educational leaders who recognize the value of culturally relevant pedagogy

  • Schools with a mission to build student self-images for holistic achievement

  • Teachers who seek to build positive relationships and classroom environments

  • Solid instructional planning with embedded experience-based learning

  • Large and small groups focused on empowering youth and challenging the status quo

  • Nonprofits and associations who are seeking innovative strategies to empower students

  • School district leaders and HR personnel seeking answers on how to the perceive "teacher shortage

  • Events to simply empower, inspire and motivate people


Walter Lee has shared with the following organizations.


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