Impact & Empower


To increase positive social impact and uplift for empowerment.


  • Enhance livelihoods through professional writing services

  • Inspire innovation and drive through apparel

  • Produce natural health solutions through plant-based self-care goods

  • Uplift through inspirational speaking 

A company established to better the lives of people, Impactful Enterprises was birthed in January 2017 by educator, Walter Lee, to produce high-quality resumes.  A month later, apparel was added to the landscape to inspire onlookers in public without saying a word.  After a bout with eczema and noticing the limited natural solutions to skin care, Dr. Walt started producing organic and natural cosmetic solutions.  Now, the company has three brands with the same vision.  

Walter, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Ashleigh, MBA

Social Media Manager

Mother Bert, MBA

Chief Editor


Packaging Tech.

Donnell, BA

Packaging & Design Specialist

Our company supports educational initiatives and economic empowerment for the community.  We donate to the Upstate Urban League to provide scholarships to underserved student groups.


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